Terminal Operations

Ceres & YTI Expand Our Scope & Methodology Based On The Unique Needs of Customers

Ceres has a distinguished track record in both stevedoring and terminal operations. What sets Ceres apart from our competition? The ability to continually expand our scope and method of services to keep our customers satisfied. Ceres was first formed as a stevedoring company but we became a well-rounded organization through the management and operation of terminals. We created innovative cargo handling techniques, utilized modern technology, developed effective management teams and formed global logistics and distribution methods throughout the Ceres Terminals Incorporated network.

Ceres places safety and security among the highest priorities in all of our stevedoring and terminal operations. We actively participate in C-TPAT and follow set security measures and standards. Ceres also performs required drills and exercises that keep our port operation staff prepared in response to safety and security threats and incidents. We are committed to always providing our customers and their cargo with safe, secure and environmentally sound business surroundings.

Ceres Terminal Operating System (TOS)

Our customers have the advantage of utilizing Ceres' proprietary Terminal Operating System (TOS), which allows customers into the application through the web interface. In addition to this ability, the application has a specific customer web interface designed around your special needs. This interface provides functionality such as yard inventory views, real time vessel load/discharge operations, dynamic report writing and cargo tracking along with visibility to vessels and vessel schedules. Customers can also review and submit shipping instructions. Ceres currently upgrades our systems on a continual basis to ensure that our customers receive the highest levels of productivity and turnaround.