Expertise & Skilled Workforce To Handle Any Container Transport Requirement

Over the past five decades, Ceres developed a diversified portfolio of customers and services with a base of well-established, global container shipping companies throughout North America. Ceres annual container throughput exceeds three million units and our container operations continue to grow in major North America port locations. YTI, the sister company of Ceres, handles over 1,000,000 containers per annum.

Throughout the Ceres port network, we combine long-standing expertise with modern equipment and quality control to provide efficient, rapid turnaround in every process and operation. In the Ceres operated terminals, we provide real-time tracking and key information on equipment condition, inventory, container movement and traffic, invoicing and demurrage calculation in every terminal location.

Ceres maintains a significant market share in container stevedoring through a solid reputation for quality service and customer support, stable, long-term relationships with a broad range of clients and robust growth in container volumes.