Effective September 12, we welcome Ceres Terminals Employees & Customers to the SSA Marine family of companies (click for press release).


Cruise Terminal and Stevedoring Management

15 Million Passengers

Ceres has built a reputation in the Cruise Industry on delivering high-performance standards by managing cruise terminals and handling over 1240 vessel calls and almost 6.4 million cruise passengers in 2019. In 2023, we expect to manage over 2,000 vessel calls and service 15 million cruise passengers.

Our experienced teams know what’s important to our cruise line guests.  Ensuring our terminal operations support the guest experience for our cruise line and port partners is the very heart of our business.

Ceres First Class Cruise Operations & Services

Terminal Management
Proactive, Experienced Management
Skilled Workforce
Passenger Processing
Baggage Handling
Ground Transport Coordination
State-of-the-Art Equipment Fleet