Effective September 12, we welcome Ceres Terminals Employees & Customers to the SSA Marine family of companies (click for press release).

Bulk & Breakbulk

We Understand Complex Cargo

2 Million Metric Tons / Breakbulk Handled

Breakbulk, bulk and special project cargo are not the easiest cargoes to handle and move. This cargo requires special planning and expertise to create and coordinate the best logistics for the loading of/discharge from the vessel. Ceres knows and understands the complexities of these cargoes and offers shippers and ocean carriers tailored transport handling solutions. From ninety-five ton locomotives and forty-three foot long aluminum presses to multiple pallets, Ceres matches the right equipment, manpower and expertise that is necessary to ensure the cargo is handled correctly and safely.

Ceres carefully plans assignments and processes to accommodate the size, weight and quantity of cargo and ensures a seamless transition between ocean, terminal and land transportation. As with our other business segments, you can always trust Ceres to provide the best, cost-effective solutions to the most complex breakbulk, bulk or special project cargoes.

Cruise Port of Baltimore RoRo Shipping and Terminal Operations

Ceres is experienced with these Special Cargoes

Project Cargo
High & Heavy
Rail Sites
Grain and Agricultural Products