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Jacksonville was named for General Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida who, incidentally, never visited Jacksonville. It is the largest city in the continental United States.

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Ceres Marine Terminals Inc.
9901 Blount Island Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32226

Blount Island Marine Terminal
(gate entrance)
9620 Dave Rawls Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Brad Ziegler, Regional Vice President – East Coast Operations
Phone: 912-964-5616

Ceres Rail Services
9600 New Berlin Road
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Rick Miller
Office phone: 904-779-3635
Cell phone: 904-655-9847

Randy Martin
Office phone: 904-779-3635
Cell Phone: 904-655-9847
Dames Point ICTF
9500 New Berlin Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32226

JAXPORT Contact Person:
Alberto Cabrera

Director, Trade Development
Office: (904) 357-3094
Mobile: (904) 580-2431

Ceres Terminals 
J. Brad Ziegler, Regional Vice President – East Coast Operations
Office phone: 912-629-9808
Cell phone: 912-429-8755


Ceres operates in Jaxport’s Blount Island Marine Terminal, the Port’s largest marine facility and one of the largest vehicle import/export centers in the United States. Our RoRo stevedoring operations handle Roll on/Roll-off cargo, autos, self-propelled vehicles and mafis/trailers with oversized cargo. As one of the most experienced RoRo stevedores in the Port, Ceres operates a RoRo Terminal and handles over 70,000 units of RoRo cargoes per annum at Blount Island.

Ceres Rail Services manages the day-to-day operations as well as the maintenance of JAXPORT’s new $30 million dollar on-dock rail facility, the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF). The Intermodal Container Transfer Facility at Dames Point serves JAXPORT’s Northside terminals: The TraPac Container Terminal at Dames Point and the Blount Island Marine Terminal. The direct transfer of containers between vessels and trains speeds up the shipment process and reduces the number of trucks on the road. Rail that connects to CSX’s main line allows for two unit trains each day (one inbound and one outbound) that carry up to 200 containers each. Containers can be transported to and from the adjacent shipping terminals via two truck lanes.

Cargo Inclusions:

  • RORO Shipping icon for Baltimore, Virginia, Galveston TX, Canaveral FL, Hueneme CA, Savanah GA, Jacksonville FL


  • Car icon for Roll on Roll off (RORO) for Baltimore, Virginia, Hueneme CA, Jacksonville FL, and Canaveral FL


  • On Dock Rail icon for Ocean Freight and Intermodal Freight Transport

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