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Virginia is America’s “First Port.” Over 130 trucking companies and two of the nation’s largest railroads enable the Port of Virginia to serve two-thirds of the U.S. population within 24 hours.

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Ceres Marine Terminals Inc.
901 Port Centre Parkway
Suite 10
Portsmouth, VA 23704
Phone: 757-397-7091
Fax: 757-397-8833


Peter Cooke

Vice President

Hampton Roads

The Port of Virginia is one of Ceres’ largest operations. Shipping Cargo, Shipping Containers, and RoRo are handled here on a daily basis with over 100 vessels being worked monthly on average. Ceres ranks as one of the largest shipping container stevedores in North America and in Hampton Roads alone, we handle over 600,000 containers per annum. Ceres also operates at Lambert’s Point Docks and Newport News Marine Terminal, handling heavy lift, breakbulk and military cargoes.

Cargo Inclusions:

  • Shipping Container & Ocean Freight for Virginia, and Savanah GA


  • RORO Shipping icon for Baltimore, Virginia, Galveston TX, Canaveral FL, Hueneme CA, Savanah GA, Jacksonville FL


  • Car icon for Roll on Roll off (RORO) for Baltimore, Virginia, Hueneme CA, Jacksonville FL, and Canaveral FL


  • Breakbulk icon for Shipping Cargo in Baltimore MD, Virginia, Galveston TX, Savanah GA