This Is Ceres

Ceres Personally Responds To The Requirements of Our Customers

Ceres Terminals Incorporated is one of the highest ranked Stevedores, Container/Cargo Handlers and Terminal Operators in the Transportation Industry. What separates Ceres from its competition is a progressive Company vision, an outstanding reputation for leadership and a personal response to the requirements of our customers.  Established in 1958, Ceres has utilized its extensive expertise and operational diversity for the purpose of delivering the highest quality, value-added benefits to our customers.

Growth-oriented and financially sound, Ceres is owned and operated by maritime interests. We fully understand the business of transportation and its cyclical nature. As a result, Ceres has the ability to have a long-term perspective of business developments and is not susceptible to outside commercial forces. Ceres offers our client base stability and security in a business environment that is at times uncertain. Ceres is committed to giving you and every customer, personalized service, high productivity, quick vessel turnaround, competitive, added value and a safe and secure operating environment.

Corporate Mission Statement

To Provide Reliable, Independent and Responsible Stevedoring and Terminal Services that are Dependable, High Quality and Consistent with Our Customers' Requirements and Expectations