Effective September 12, we welcome Ceres Terminals Employees & Customers to the SSA Marine family of companies (click for press release).

Community Investment Program

Our community investment program is supported at the corporate, local and employee levels. Together we are stronger as a team, learning new skills as we give back to our communities. We are focused on protecting life below water, encouraging decent work and economic growth, and promoting good health and well-being.


Scholarships For Students:

Many high school students desire the opportunity to receive continued education. Scholarships For Students fund was created to help give students leadership opportunities and continued education. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards are paid to students to enable them to pursue their education at a post-secondary level or beyond, such as at a university, college, technical institute, or other educational institution.

Featured News

"Covenant House appreciates Ceres for spreading awareness and helping to end youth homelessness. We need partners like Ceres to make hope and opportunities for youth a reality!"
Brigid Palcic
AVP, Corporate Partnerships, Covenant House International
"We appreciate the support of Ceres and all the great work we are able to do each year as a result of this partnership. The trees we plant together have positive impacts on nature, biodiversity, now and into the future."
Ashley Lamontagne
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, One Tree Planted

Full-time employees receive 40 hours of community service
on company time.

Ceres recognizes the importance of serving the local community. The company has a strong desire to be good stewards of the environments and communities in which we work and live.