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Ceres has implemented an aggressive plan for the purchase of emerging technology, software development, redefining IT processes and upgrading systems. A substantial investment has been made in time, staff and resources so that the dissemination of critical information can always be given to our customers in a timely and accurate manner. Ceres' substantial investment in time, staff & resources results in the dissemination of timely, accurate information relevant to our customers.


Ceres RORO Information System

At the Ceres Auto/RoRo terminal operating locations, we provide an added benefit for our RoRo customers with our proprietary RoRo Information System. This is an innovative means of keeping track of and streamlining auto terminal operations. The Ceres RoRo Information System is a precise method of tracking every move of your auto logistics. You can access the system directly through the RoRo Portal link provided on the website and obtain the latest updates on your cargo.

Ceres also utilizes image acquisition portals, weigh-in-motion scales, closed-circuit television for security and gate control, container/yard equipment positioning through Global Positioning Systems (GPS), provide real-time information on equipment condition, inventory and container movement and advanced crane control systems. In all our operating locations we are in compliance with applicable safety and security measures and regulations and work closely with governing authorities to ensure a safe, secure working environment.