Effective September 12, we welcome Ceres Terminals Employees & Customers to the SSA Marine family of companies (click for press release).

Safety & Environment

We Provide a Safe Workplace

The safety, health and well-being of all employees are of major concern for Ceres. Providing a safe working environment and accident prevention is very important to all areas and operations of the company. Safety shall always take precedence and shortcuts that jeopardize safety must be avoided at all times. It is the responsibility of all employees to follow safety rules and procedures and report all unsafe acts and environments to management, immediately. The management and employees of Ceres shall undertake a continual emphasis on safety and take all practical steps to provide and maintain a safer and healthier work culture.

Life Saving Rules

Ceres recognizes the value of providing clear, simple, and consistent information regarding risks in the workplace and the proper use of barriers and safeguards to protect the workforce. Our Life Saving Rules (LSR) were established to provide greater clarity and effectiveness in standardizing Life Saving Rules across the industry. This procedure applies to all Ceres operations and must be implemented by Ceres Managers, Supervisors, Employees, and staff.

  • Container Lashing
  • Driving Safety
  • Lifting (Rigging) Procedures
  • Safety Equipment and Devices
  • Pinch Points (The Bite)
  • Fall Arrest (29 CFR Part 1918.85 – Fall Protection Systems)
  • Elements: Inclement Weather/Heat
  • Line Handling (29 CFR Part 1917.16 - Line handling)
  • Confined Spaces and Hazardous Atmospheres

Prepared & Certified

Ceres is also an active participant in trade discussions on safety and security issues through our affiliation with the National Association of Waterfront Employees (NAWE), the National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) and other national trade organizations in US and Canada.

Our Environment

The Ceres Green Policy is as follows:

  • See the environment as it is
  • Envision how it should be
  • Take action through good stewardship to make changes

Ceres Terminals Incorporated will meet or exceed applicable legal requirements for the environmental management of:

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Reduction of Environmental Impacts
  • Recycling
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Continual Improvement
  • Communication
  • Education