The Founding of Ceres


1958 - The company was founded in Chicago

1959 - Ceres expanded general cargo stevedoring operations into the Great Lakes Region, including Duluth.

Northeastern Expansion


1966 - Ceres launched its first Canadian operation in Montréal.

1967 - Ceres’ continues its American expansion with a new terminal operation in Baltimore.

Moving the Headquarters


1978 - Ceres operations expanded to the US Gulf with New Orleans and Houston.

1979 - Ceres moved the base of operations from Chicago to Baltimore and acquired Nacirema, Inc. Stevedoring in Hampton Roads.



1982 - Termont Terminals was formed in Montréal and container operations were launched there, as well as in Halifax.

1983 - Ceres expanded existing operations in New Orleans and Houston, and added terminals in Charleston and Savannah.

1986 - The company further developed operations in Hampton Roads.

A Time of Stability


1992 - Ceres further solidifies operations in Charleston.

1996 - Terminal expansion in Amsterdam.

Rapid Growth for Ceres


2002 - Ceres Paragon in Amsterdam neared completion. Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) of Tokyo acquired Ceres, and headquarters were re-located to New Jersey. The company expanded cruise stevedoring operations throughout the USA and Vancouver.

2006 - A terminal support office was opened in Nashville.

2007 - Houston Terminal LLC and New Orleans Terminal LLC formed.

A Change of Hands


2015 - Ceres and YTI operate under one single management group with Macquarie Infrastructure Partners (MIP) taking a partnership stake with NYK.

2018 - Texas Stevedoring was formed and begins operations in Houston, Texas.

2019 - Macquarie acquires 100% of Ceres from NYK, making Ceres part of one of the Worlds largest port infrastructure groups.