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Build Your Stevedore Career With Ceres.

Quality-oriented, self-starter stevedores drive Ceres Terminals Incorporated. The Company has built its strong reputation on the highest standards of service, attention to detail, customer support, and a commitment to the growth of the maritime transport industry.

While the tools of the trade contribute to smooth operations, it is the people of Ceres who have set the quality standard for the Ceres organization. Their dedication, expertise, and professionalism clearly identify a can-do attitude that our customers have recognized and appreciate.

If you’re looking for a career in stevedoring or as a terminal operation professional with a financially sound, growth-oriented leader within the maritime transport industry, the Ceres Group is the right choice.

Our people are our greatest asset. We empower our stevedore employees to deliver the highest quality service to our customers and to grow as professionals.

Integrity, Innovation, and Intensity are evident in our marine terminal culture. Our Integrity is demonstrated by our loyalty, honesty, credibility, and respect for our customers and colleagues. Our Innovation is demonstrated by our willingness to try new or untested ideas and approaches to our business. Our Intensity is focused on quality and efficiency to drive business results and change management. We never give up. We overcome challenges. We remain motivated. We work safely.