Effective September 12, we welcome Ceres Terminals Employees & Customers to the SSA Marine family of companies (click for press release).

Your Future Starts Here

If you’re looking for a career as a maritime professional, Ceres Terminals is the right choice.

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Build Your Career With Ceres

Quality-oriented, self-starter stevedores drive Ceres Terminals Incorporated. The Company has built its strong reputation on the highest standards of service, attention to detail, customer support, and a commitment to the growth of the maritime transport industry.

While the tools of the trade contribute to smooth operations, it is the people of Ceres who have set the quality standard for the Ceres organization. Their dedication, expertise, and professionalism clearly identify a can-do attitude that our customers have recognized and appreciate.

We empower our employees to deliver the highest quality service to our customers and to grow as maritime professionals.

We don’t just move cargo; we move businesses forward. Our partners and customers look to us to keep their business moving. With the help of Ceres Terminals, products are delivered to communities, hospitals, stores, and around the world. We move cargo and operate terminals across North America so that our communities thrive. We are consistent. We are reliable. We are world changers.