At the NYK West Coast Safety Meeting, Ceres Terminals Canada was awarded the top award for the safety audit from our west coast Captain Suzuki and Port Operations Manager James Tully in recognition of outstanding service and attention toward advancing the safety goals and initiatives through the audit.

Congratulations to our team for earning this well-deserved recognition and for the work that is done to ensure the safety of our workers at our RoRo operations along with safely discharging vehicles from NYK’s vessels. Ceres will continue to focus on safety and handling our customers’ cargo with care.

“Thank you to our team for placing safety at the forefront of all operations,” said Kathy deLisser, Regional Vice President, Vancouver. “Our team has worked hard to be recognized for their dedication to safety. We will continue to lead in safety at the terminal and do not take this responsibility lightly. Congratulations to our team!”

Safety is Ceres Terminals’ number one value. Providing a safe working environment and accident prevention is very important to all areas and operations of the company. We strive to keep our team safe while on the job. Accident prevention can be achieved by commitment and cooperation between management, safety programs, safety culture, and accountability. Ceres recognizes the value of providing clear, simple, and consistent information regarding risks in the workplace and the proper use of barriers and safeguards to protect the workforce.

Photo from left to right: Captain Suzuki (NYK), Albert Bevacqua (Ceres Canada), Chad Cooper (Ceres Canada), James Tully (NYK)

About Ceres Terminals Canada

Ceres Terminals Canada manages the terminal for Canada’s largest cruise port at Canada Place and provides stevedoring services for RoRo in Vancouver. Since 2006 Ceres has been operating the Canada Place Cruise Terminal for the Vancouver Port Authority and added RoRo stevedoring to its suite of services in 2009.

About Ceres Terminals Incorporated

Ceres is a leader among marine terminal operators and stevedores in North America. Operating in many of North America’s major ports, the Company provides terminal management as well as services for all types of cargo, including container, roll-on/roll-off, bulk, breakbulk, automotive, project, military, cruise, intermodal facilities, and M&R services. Ceres is focused on providing reliable services and handling customer needs 24/7, while investing in different sectors in the industry and partnering with many companies to continually enhance logistical requirements in the transportation industry.