Sarah Davis, Texas Stevedoring Services (TSS), is the first female to work at TSS with the container operations in Houston, Texas. She started working for TSS in February 2021 working alongside Tim Arthur as his right-hand woman assisting Container Freight Station (CFS) operations and customer service. Since joining the company, she has been transferred to the empty container yard where she assists with writing bids for damaged containers, input estimates for approval of repairs, daily operation reports, and assisting Hapag-Lloyd with any transload needs. Sarah also helps create a smooth and safe operation for the team. Safety is the top focus at the container yard (CY), and Sarah does not take that responsibility to help create a safe operation lightly. Sarah is not the only one responsible for keeping the team safe, Sarah said that her favorite part about her job is the people that she works with. Everyone is helpful and kind.

Texas Stevedoring Services has a dedicated team that is focused on delivering excellent results. Everyone works together to provide efficient services. The team is focused on continuing to grow and teach one another about the maritime industry. Although learning about the empty CY is a new challenge, this is not Sarah’s first experience working with containers. Her first job was at an inland container chassis depot in 2002, which Sarah mentioned ‘doesn’t seem like it was 20 years ago!’  She is an asset to Texas Stevedoring Services, and she brings a new perspective to the team. Fortunately, Sarah does not have to commute too far for work.

“I live right outside the Houston city limits, only 16 miles away from work,” said Sarah Davis. “I am so grateful the company trusted me and hired me because I’ve always wanted to work and learn about port operations.”

Sarah absolutely loves the maritime industry. She has been working in the industry long enough to have multiple memories at the terminal. Sarah told us about a funny story that happened at the terminal.

One time, Sarah and two coworkers were returning to work from lunch, when they pulled up to the gate to enter the port. A van of ILA M&R workers pulled up behind them. Everyone at the port has a wonderful working relationship where they know each other and enjoy playing jokes on one another. The ILA M&R workers decided to continuously honk their horn at Sarah and her coworkers. So, Sarah decided to get them back with a harmless prank. Sarah told the security guard that she should ‘stop them for an inspection.’ The security guard decided to go along with their prank, and she grabbed her clipboard and popped the hood of the worker’s truck. Sarah and her coworkers went through the gate, and they watched the fake investigation take place through their rearview mirror.

“The 3 of us cracked up,” said Sarah. “I was outside in the yard when they finally pulled in and I laughed as they passed by me with a glare and side smile. It was great! These guys are always trying to lighten the day with laughter and I’m just happy that I could give back.”

Sarah has wonderful stories from working at the yard. Her favorite memory is when she went onboard a Hapag-Lloyd vessel for a breakbulk operation. Sarah explained that seeing the ship from a different angle was a ‘great learning opportunity’ for her. She had always worked at the terminal but going onboard a ship is a completely different experience. Sarah said that the best part about walking around the ship was getting to meet the captain.

Texas Stevedoring Services is focused on delivering learning experiences, such as going onboard a ship, and training opportunities for all employees. Every team member will be given extensive training on the job at hand. When customers contact TSS, they will be given top-notch customer service provided by experienced workers. Texas Stevedoring Services will continue to grow with a focus on diversity and inclusion and training programs. Sarah hopes to be with the company long-term and desires to continue to grow within the maritime industry.

About The Company

Texas Stevedoring services is a Joint Venture with Ceres Gulf, Inc. and Hapag Lloyd. Texas Stevedoring Services is a full-service stevedoring company offering best-in-class shipside and CFS services at Port Houston Barbours Cut Terminal. TSS offers tailored, cost-effective solutions for each project’s individual transport requirements. From pallets and huge turbines to locomotive engines and agricultural machinery, TSS has a proven track record of handling cargo safely and efficiently.