As of March 2022, Ceres added Ceres Terminals Jacksonville “CTJ” (formally known as TraPac Container Terminal) at Dames Point in Jacksonville, Florida, to its port network. The acquisition is not only increasing Ceres’ scope but is also investing in the Sunshine State with an aim to improve port access along the East Coast, and to the rest of the country.

With one-third of the United States’ population living within a day’s drive of Florida, Ceres Terminals Jacksonville operation will benefit manufacturers, beneficial cargo owners, and growing Jacksonville-Orlando metro area all while connecting the global market to the Southeastern U.S.

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A Direct Rail Line to Atlanta, and Beyond

Transferring containers between vessels and trains keeps cargo moving while avoiding the highways. This is the purpose of the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) on-site at Ceres Terminals Jacksonville.

The ICTF is operated by Ceres Terminals Railroad Services and is a CSX direct rail line to Atlanta, and beyond. Once a vessel arrives at Dames Point, Ceres employs the ICTF to keep cargo moving quickly and efficiently to its next destination.

The ICTF facility serves both of the north side terminals: the Ceres Terminals Jacksonville Container Terminal at Dames Point and the Blount Island Marine Terminal.

Container Handling & Competencies

A container is defined as a demountable and reusable freight-carrying unit designed to be shipped by various modes of transportation. For this reason, it is constructed with fittings and fastenings that are able to withstand the typical stresses of continuous, all-water and intermodal transportation.

While the term includes dry cargo, ventilated, insulated, refrigerated, flat rack, vehicle rack, liquid tank, and open-top containers (without chassis), it does not encompass crates, boxes, or pallets.

Ceres prides itself on our quality terminal operations that have led to robust container growth over the years. For more than 60 years, Ceres Terminals has consistently and reliably handled containers through wholly-owned and joint venture terminals around North America.  Current container throughput within Ceres businesses amount to 8 million TEU annually. With the addition of Ceres Terminals Jacksonville, TEU throughput will only continue to grow.

Along with our other port terminal operating systems, the Ceres Terminals Jacksonville provides real-time tracking for:

  • container movement & traffic
  • demurrage calculation
  • equipment condition
  • intermodal freight transport
  • inventory
  • Invoicing

Ceres’ Container Competencies:

Cost-Effective Terminal Operations and Stevedoring

Roadability Services for Truckers

Container M&R Services

Refrigerated Container Services



Container Stuffing Services

Container Stripping Services

Container & Chassis Inventory Management


Weighing Containers

Terminal Drayage

On-Dock/Near-Dock Rail Services

Off-Dock Empty Container Depots

Contact Ceres Terminals Jacksonville

During the integration process, TraPac (CTJ) will maintain its independent website and contact information will remain the same.

Inquiries may also be directed to Ceres Terminals Jacksonville location.