As terminal operations in the global shipping industry must account for tons of thousands of products annually, integrating modern shipping technologies and operations can help you keep up with the growing demand. Effective operational management solutions can help shipping businesses remain competitive in the market.

In the face of increasing large-scale shipments, frequent vessel changes, and more, shipping technologies needed to improve. Ceres Terminals has cultivated successful port and terminal solutions to meet your shipping company’s specific needs. To learn more about how to integrate the latest shipping technology, keep reading.

Here are some of the top ways integrated shipping technology can help your line of solutions:

  1. Importance of New Technologies
  2. Ease of Internal Communication
  3. Effective Shipping & Tracking
  4. Increasing Load Accommodation
  5. Data & Inventory Tracking
  6. Ceres Terminals Expands Scope & Methodology

Importance of New Technologies

Though few would argue against the value of modern technology and up-to-date innovations within the supply chain industry, unlocking the true value of your freight market might not look as clearly as you’d expect it to.

In adopting modern shipping technologies, you can leave the heavy lifting of freight management to your systems rather than your time consuming, outdated processes. Modern technology has helped shippers and brokers interact with each other and engage the freight market in a variety of new ways. To stay up to date with transactions, and improve your shipping load accommodation, you’ll want to consider implementing these technologies.

Ease of Internal Communication

When it comes to adopting the latest technology and digital systems within the freight industry, one of the first benefits you’ll witness is ease of internal communication. From connecting with other shippers or even different levels of staff on internal crew, these technologies make coordination efforts seamless. Connecting with your team through digital matching tools based on set parameters has never been simpler. Access everything you need from employee contact info to state-of-the-art tools and dashboards, making communication accessible from anytime, anywhere.

Effective Shipping & Tracking

With modern shipping technologies, you can allow your team to tackle instant scheduling and shipment changes, accept a freight job digitally, and do so much more. A faster process and improved success rates are win-win solutions for shippers and digital freight brokers alike.

Using these technologies, shippers can gain access to more capacity, more loads for brokers, and more brokers for shippers, all of which can keep freight moving. A centralized, organized location for collaboration can speed up and streamline the process of shipping and tracking. If you’ve been looking to advance your shipping and tracking capabilities, modern technology is the way to go.

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Increasing Load Accommodation

With rising shipping demands, freight companies have witnessed a need to improve and increase load accommodation solutions. In integrating modern shipping technology, your systems can help accommodate spot loads at a lower price point than blindly contacting carriers based on assumption. With predictive data and planning capabilities, your system is more likely to match you with a suitable carrier solution, thus increasing your load capabilities.

Data & Inventory Tracking

When it comes to keeping up with your data and shipments, modern technology can keep everything neatly collected in one digital place. Through automated data entry and integrated systems, implementing modern technologies can provide your company with a complete view of each shipment’s needs.

From viewing end-to-end production, daily tracking processes, and even inventory tracking can allow management to pinpoint problem areas sooner and help streamlining your entire shipping process moving forward. From ship packaging to carrier unloading, keep everything organized and efficient with digitally integrated shipping platforms.

Ceres Terminals Expands Scope & Methodology

Ceres has a distinguished track record in both stevedoring and terminal operations. What sets Ceres apart from our competition? The ability to continually expand our scope and method of services to keep our customers satisfied.

Ceres was first formed as a stevedoring company and has, throughout the years, built a world-class organization through the management and operation of marine terminals. We created innovative cargo handling techniques, utilized modern technology, developed effective management teams and formed global operational relationships throughout the Ceres Terminals Incorporated network.

Ceres places safety as a value within the organization, and security as one of the highest primacies in all of our stevedoring and terminal operations. We actively participate in trade discussions on safety and security issues through our affiliation with the National Association of Waterfront Employees (NAWE), the National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) and other national trade organizations in US and Canada. Ceres also performs required drills and exercises that keep our port operation staff prepared in response to safety and security threats and incidents. We are committed to always providing our customers and their cargo with safe, secure and environmentally sound business surroundings.

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