Without the right resources, equipment, or technology in place, it can be difficult to make heavy freight transportation feasible on your cargo ship. RoRo cargo can include construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, windmills, boating machinery, vehicles and more. If the cargo can roll under its own power or on a specialized cargo trailer, RoRo shipping could be the solution you are looking for. Shipping cargo on RoRo Vessels can help with unique, heavy loading and unloading needs. Ceres Terminals has cultivated successful port and terminal solutions that your shipping company needs to succeed. To learn more about how RoRo Shipping Technologies can improve your cargo management, keep reading.

Here’s how RoRo Shipping Technologies can work with your cargo needs:

  • What is RoRo Technology?
  • Types of RoRo Shipping Solutions
  • RoRo Technology: Top Benefits
  • Ceres Terminals: Your Roll-on, Roll-off Cargo Specialists

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What is RoRo Shipping?

RoRo typically refers to “Roll on & Roll off” solutions. This means, with effective RoRo technology and services in place, you can incorporate specially designed heavyweight cargo ships that are able to effectively roll on or roll off any precious cargo from your ship.

Whether utilizing a standard PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) Vessel or another type of vessel with RoRo cargo capabilities, specialized equipment can easily remove your heavyweight cargo without crane lifting it. With these technologies in place, your maritime team can mitigate risks in handling heavy machinery. Typically incidents in the RoRo shipping sector are less catastrophic than in other sectors requiring high lifting and more specialized gear. Measured in lanes and meters, RoRo technology can also be utilized and incorporated in the naval sector to transport important naval freight and machinery.

“Break Bulk Cargo” is a term that refers to non-containerized cargo that is delivered as separate pieces due to the oversize and overweight nature of the shipment. When organizing cargo as “break bulk,” it can often mean that the majority of standard freight containers might not be able to accommodate this size or type of product.

Types of RoRo Shipping Solutions

While there is a plethora of RoRo vessels for your heavy and oversized cargo needs, below are some of the most common solutions. To learn more about Ceres Terminals and our unique, RoRo Technology services, contact our team today.

  • PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) Ships
  • RoPax or Transport Ferry Vessels
  • General Cargo Ship with RoRo Facilities and Ramps
  • ConRo Ship with evenly distributed weight management
  • Truck Carrier RoRo Ships: Designed only for four-wheeled vehicles

RoRo Shipping: Top Benefits

As one of the main benefits, RoRo shipping allows heavyweight cargo to stay on the ship until reaching the desired destination to be subsequently rolled off the ship. With that in mind, your maritime team can provide safer, more efficient solutions to your heavyweight loading and unloading needs. Avoid crane lifting expensive, dangerous handling equipment and spend less money on accidents, machine damage, or even crane solutions.

Rolling cargo on and off a vessel with RoRo Technology is faster than any other solution. After implementation, many shipping professionals tend to prefer this method — especially in instances where high-value cargo is being transported. As shipping companies begin to invest in faster and more reliable ships, RoRo Technology can provide simpler, seamless solutions for heavyweight cargo with a less sophisticated logistics chain.

Here are some of the cargo areas in which Ceres Terminals Roro technology exceeds:

  • Unloading Oversized Cargo
  • Discharging Machinery
  • Loading High & Heavy Cargo
  • Processing Wheeled Vehicles

In order for your products to arrive at their destination in the shortest amount of time and as safely as possible, RoRo Technology and Services offer the best solution.

Ceres Terminals: Your Roll-on, Roll-off Cargo Specialists

Ceres has a distinguished track record in both stevedoring and terminal operations. What sets Ceres apart from our competition? The ability to continually expand our scope and method of services to keep our customers satisfied. Handling over 550,000 RoRo units a year, Ceres Terminals is an expert in all aspects of RoRo cargo handling.

Whether we’re discharging new automobiles, loading oversized cargo, machinery or more, Ceres’ team of senior managers and skilled workforce take pride in maintaining the same quality processes and attention to detail that every customer requires from its stevedore and terminal operator. We expedite vessel turnaround, ensuring that RoRo shipping and cargo handling is safe and secure. We are committed to always providing our customers and their cargo with safe, secure and environmentally sound business surroundings.

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